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Up And Down The Keys 

Up And Down The Keys Tray Card

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Up And Down The Keys

Ragtime and Novelty Piano classics by Phil Ohman, George L. Cobb, and friends.


Frederick Hodges, piano
Aristophone Records CDFH102
Copyright 2008 Frederick Hodges
Produced by Frederick Hodges Music Productions, Inc.

1. Piano Pan (copyright 1922 by Richmond-Robbins, Inc) Phil Ohman

2. Up And Down The Keys (copyright 1922 by Richmond-Robbins, Inc) Phil Ohman

3. Try and Play It (copyright 1922 by Richmond-Robbins, Inc) Phil Ohman

4. Dixie Kisses (unpublished, circa 1919) Phil Ohman

5. Broken Glass (unpublished, circa 1924) Phil Ohman

6. Jacquette (copyright 1924 by Phil Ohman) Phil Ohman

7. Ivory Chips — A Modern Piano Solo (copyright 1929 by Robbins Music Corp.) Phil Ohman

8. Sparkles (copyright 1935 by Robbins Music Corp.) Phil Ohman

9. Dancing With A Deb (copyright 1941 by American Academy of Music, Inc.) Phil Ohman

10. Bluin’ The Black Keys (copyright 1926 by Robbins Music Corp.) Arthur Schutt

11. Something Doing — A Ragtime Two Step (copyright 1903 by Val. A. Reis Music Co.) Scott Joplin and Scott Hayden

12. The Midnight Trot — A Novelty One Step and Trot (Maxixe) (copyright 1916 by Will Rossiter) George L. Cobb

Dementia Americana — A Super Syncopated Suite (copyright 1925 by Walter Jacobs) George L. Cobb

            13. Static And Code

            14. Hop House Blues

            15. Owl On The Organ

            16. Savannah Sunset

17. Rackety Rag (unpublished, circa 1920) J. Milton Delcamp

18. The Music Box Rag — Fox Trot (copyright 1914 by Jos. W. Stern & Co.) C. Luckyth Roberts

19. Shy And Sly — Fox Trot (copyright 1915 by G. Ricordi & Co. Inc.) C. Luckeyth Roberts

20. The Lion Tamer Rag — A Syncopated Fantasia (Copyright 1913 by A.F. Marzian) Mark Janza

Frederick Hodges, San Francisco, Piano Music, Piano, Berkeley