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  Ragtime Dance Party 

Ragtime Dance Party Tray Card

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1. Pegasus — A Classic Rag (copyright 1920 by John Stark) James Scott

2. The Cake Walk In The Sky — Ethiopian Two-Step (copyright 1899 by M. Witmark & Sons) Ben Harney

3. Hello Frisco Medley (Introducing: “Hold Me In Your Loving Arms”) Ziegfeld Follies of 1915 (copyright 915 by M. Witmark & Sons) Words by Gene Buck. Music by Louis A. Hirsch From the

4. Pickles and Peppers (Copyright 1906 by Adeline Shepherd) Adeline Shepherd

5. Whistling Rufus — A Characteristic Two Step March (copyright 1899 by F.A. Mills) Kerry Mills

6. Who Let The Cows Out? — A Bully Rag (Copyright 1910 by Howard & Browne Music Co.) Chas. Humfeld

7. Honky Tonky — One Step (Copyright 1916 by Broadway Music Corp.) Chas. McCarron & Chris Smith

8. Poor Butterfly. From the Big Show At The New York Hippodrome (copyright 1916 by T.B. Harms Co.) Words by John L. Golden. Music by Raymond Hubbell

9. Rabbit's Foot — Fox Trot (copyright 1915 by Walter Jacobs) George L. Cobb

10. Pork and Beans — One Step, Two Step or Turkey Trot (Copyright 1913 by Jos. W. Stern & Co.) C. Luckyth Roberts

11. Queen Rag — Two Step (copyright 1911 by The Joseph Krolage Music Co.) Floyd Willis

12. Castle House Rag — Trot and One Step (copyright 1914 by Jos. W. Stern & Co.) James Reese Europe

13. Smoky Mokes — Cake Walk and Two Step (Copyright 1899 by Feist & Frankenthaler) Abe Holzmann

14. The Smoky Topaz — March and Two Step (Copyright 1901 by Daniels & Russell) Grace M. Bolen

15. Wild Cherries Rag (Copyright 1908 by Ted Snyder Co. Inc.) Ted Snyder

16. Pleasant Moments — Ragtime Waltz (Copyright 1909 by Seminary Music Co.) Scott Joplin

17. Maori — A Samoan Dance (Copyright 1913 by Waterson, Berlin, & Snyder) Wm. H. Tyers

18. Shake It and Break It (Copyright 1920 by Handy Bros. Music Co. Inc.) Words by H. Qualli Clark. Music by Signor “Friscoe” Lou Chiha

19. The Lion Tamer Rag — A Syncopated Fantasia (Copyright 1913 by A.F. Marzian) Mark Janza

Frederick Hodges, San Francisco, Piano Music, Piano, Berkeley