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Sacramento Ragtime Society Newsletter

January 2008


Ragtime's Ten Best of 2007
by Lewis Motisher

Pages 4-5.

2. Best of the Best. I don't usually name a single performer as "the best" in these lists because it's far too subjective and might result in hurt feelings. That being said, how about that Frederick Hodges? His amazing keyboard dexterity is well-known, but his mere presence at an event serves to elevate it to new levels of wit, style, class and professionalism. Frederick was all over the West Coast Ragtime Festival, performing solo, in duets with ADam Swanson and Alex Hassan, with the Crown Syncopators, singing, accompanying other singers, emceeing the Youth Concert, presenting the master class, and accompanying silent movies all of this pus the ironically arch syntax, the straight über-blonde hair, and dapper wardrobe. Extraordinary.